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Hogan’s Heroes Collectibles

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Like most TV Shows, by the time Hogan’s Heroes reached it’s final season, the toy and the collector industry was already cashing in on Hogan’s Heroes collectibles such as trading cards, lunch boxes, games, comic books, and the likes. Over the years some of these items, like the lunch boxes, have become quite valuable to many collectors.
I will try to give as much history as I can on the various Hogan’s Heroes Collectibles that are out there, and also provide links where they are sold, (such as eBay, Amazon etc.) and places where they are displayed.

Hogan’s Heroes Lunch Boxes

Hogan's Heroes Lunchbox

Created by the company “Aladdin Industries” according to Antique Roadshow’s Rudy Franchi, these would have sold complete with the thermos in 1966 for arond 2.98 USD.More Here.

Hogan’s Heroes Comic Books

Hogan’s Heroes Trading Cards

Hogan Heroes Trading cards

Hogan’s Heroes Board Game

Hogan's Heroes Board Game

Hogan’s Heroes Autographed Photos

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Hogan’s Heroes Comics Issue # 1

Well here they are . Scans of the original Hogan’s Heroes comic books. Enjoy! I will try to add the rest as time permits!And I will also convert these into German!

Nun, hier sind sie. Scans der originalen Hogan’s Heroes Comics. Genießen! Ich werde versuchen, den Rest nach Belieben hinzuzufügen und auch ins Deutsche umzuwandeln!

Comic Cover # 1

Picture 1 of 35

Col Clink: Du Shultz, bist ein Idiot! Sgt Shultz: "Ich Shultz, ein Idiot?" Sgt Kinchlo (am Headset): "Shultz ist ein Idiot!" Col Hogan: "Drei von vier stimmen zu. Shultz ist ein Idiot. Also werden wir ihn behalten!" Bildunterschrift: "Der verrückteste Kriegsgefangene aller Zeiten! Wo Häftlinge einbrechen, um auszubrechen!"

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Hogan’s Heroes Comic Books

Watch Hogan’s Heroes Episodes //Complete List of Cast members//The Set of Hogan’s heroes//Collectables//Guestbook//Gallery//Hogan’s Heroes Comic Books

Download all 9 copies of Dell’s Hogan’s Heroes Comic Books Here

Comic Cover # 1
Hogan’s Heroes Comic books were a short ran series released in 1966 by Dell Comics, and sold for 12 US cents. The Drawings were created by Dick Giordano, Steve Ditko, Don Perlin ,Jose Delbo, Henry Scarpelli, and inks were composed by Sal Trapani. There were only 9 issues of the Hogan’s Heroes comic Books, (you can download scans here), and the last issue was a reprint of the first, re-printed in 1969. Dell, just jacked the price to 15 Cents! Now these gems are worth alot to collectors!


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Download in .cbr format:

Comic book reader, or .cbr is the most popular format for comic books, but you need a reader such as CDisplay, or any other reader software that reads a .cbr file.

Download in .zip format:

All of these are .jpgs when uncompressed.

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