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Like most TV Shows, by the time Hogan’s Heroes reached it’s final season, the toy and the collector industry was already cashing in on Hogan’s Heroes collectibles such as trading cards, lunch boxes, games, comic books, and the likes. Over the years some of these items, like the lunch boxes, have become quite valuable to many collectors.
I will try to give as much history as I can on the various Hogan’s Heroes Collectibles that are out there, and also provide links where they are sold, (such as eBay, Amazon etc.) and places where they are displayed.

Hogan’s Heroes Lunch Boxes

Hogan's Heroes Lunchbox

Created by the company “Aladdin Industries” according to Antique Roadshow’s Rudy Franchi, these would have sold complete with the thermos in 1966 for arond 2.98 USD.More Here.

Hogan’s Heroes Comic Books

Hogan’s Heroes Trading Cards

Hogan Heroes Trading cards

Hogan’s Heroes Board Game

Hogan's Heroes Board Game

Hogan’s Heroes Autographed Photos

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